Fermilab PLM
Fermilab Product Lifecycle Management

CAD Standards

Common Parts

Common Parts are items (parts, assemblies, & drawings) that are intended to be shared by everyone regardless of project or experiment. All Common Parts will be controlled to prevent anyone from intentionally or unintentionally changing them. Each CAD Group will have a person designated as a CAD Librarian that will have access to place new items in the Common Parts area. The CAD Librarian will assure that each item is modeled, named, & numbered according to proper convention before placing them in the Common Parts area and write-locking them by approving them to a RELEASED state.

To submit an item as a Common Part, check in or move your item within the TDM to the NEW_ITEM_SUBMISSIONS library of the COMMON_PARTS project according to your CAD group. For example, TD users would place their item in the TD_NEW_ITEM_SUBMISSIONS library. You should then notify you group's CAD Librarian about the submittal. See the table below for the list of CAD Librarians.

CAD Librarians
Dave Richardson or
Paula Lambertz
Tony Parker Don Friend Jeff Brandt

Data Management

All items stored in I-DEAS TDM shall be named and numbered IAW I-DEAS TDM Item Naming & Numbering Rules. Use the Fermilab Engineering Acronyms and Abbreviations list to assist you with finding acronyms and abbreviations.

Document Control Procedures (Release & Revise)
All drawings stored in I-DEAS TDM are to be controlled IAW Managing TDM Drawings. All other items in TDM should make use of Protecting Your Data Using States in TDM.


Drawing Practice
Drawings shall be created IAW ASME Y14.100-2004 unless otherwise specified within this section.

Entity Properties
All entities on a drawing should be IAW with the following table:

Effective Feb. 1st, 2006
Entity Type Layer Name Layer # Weight Font Color
General Use GENERAL 1 N/A N/A N/A
Dimensions DIMENSION 200 Thin Solid Red
Notes NOTES 201 N/A Solid Red
Object Lines OBJECT 204 Thick Solid N/A
Hidden Lines HIDDEN 205 Thin Hidden N/A
Center Lines CENTER 206 Thin Center Yellow
Reference Geometry REFERENCE 207 N/A N/A N/A
Crosshatching HATCH 208 Thin Solid N/A
Tangent Lines TANGENT 227 Thin Phantom N/A
Nonassociative Dimensions NONASSOC 256 N/A N/A White

Multisheet Drawings
Drawings must use the I-DEAS Multisheet functionality to create additional sheets. The old practice of using separate drawings for each 'sheet' of a drawing in no longer supported. The only exception is for drawings of very large assemblies or parts that cause severe performance problems.