Fermilab PLM
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Questions, Problems & Known Issues

If you have a question about or a problem with I-DEAS, the procedure for resolving your question or problem is as follows (in order):

  1. Search the I-DEAS Help Library.
  2. Search the www-cad web site.
  3. Ask your Group CAD Manager for assistance.
  4. Ask the Lab CAD Manager for assistance only if your Group CAD Manager is unable to help.
  5. Contact the Siemens GTAC (Global Technical Access Centre).

Do not skip any of these steps. They must be followed in the order given. If you skip a step, you will be referred back to that step to resolve your problem.


Known Issues

Simulation Task - Crash While Solving

If you see the following error while solving a FEM, type #DELETE ALL in the Prompt Window and re-run the solve.