Fermilab PLM
Fermilab Product Lifecycle Management

The CAD-PLM Administration page

General Administration

All of the software distributions for the CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM programs listed below are located at: “I:\soft_dist”. Install logs are created in a "logs" directory where the scripts are located. Please check these logs for errors when any install script is finished.

There are some common prerequisites that need to be met before installing or administering any of the CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM programs listed below on a client PC:

  1. Client PC must have Windows XP, Windows XP x64, or Windows 2000 to use the install scripts.
  2. Installing account must have Administrator privileges on client PC.
  3. Installing account must be a member of one of the following groups:
    • TD_OU_Admin
  4. The “I:” drive needs to be mapped to “\\fermi-cadsrv-1\cadenv” for both the administrator installing the software and the person using it.

To get the installation instruction for other programs, scroll down to that particular section or click on the appropriate heading below:
ANSYS I-DEAS NX TC Engineering TC Visualization TC Enterprise (DESY EDMS)

ANSYS 11 Administration


  • Execute “I:\soft_dist\ANSYS\install\install_v10.bat”. For a manual installation, use the ANSYS Install Instructions.
  • Do not Install ANSYS on 64bit workstations using install script; manually install.
  • Do not Install ANSYS SP1 due to a bug with workbench not showing all modules.

I-DEAS 12 Administration


  • The install scripts are located in I:\soft_dist\IDEAS\i12\install.

Base Install - Client Software Installed with access to 2 TDMs

  • Execute “Install_IDEAS12m4wPTF3.bat”. It can be ran repeatedly on the same PC without causing problems. This is useful for checking, verifying, updating or reapplying the standard I-DEAS environment on a PC.

Configuring Additional TDM Access

  • The Base Install only configures access to the FERMI TDM and their own group's TDM. To gain acess to additional TDMs, execute “Setup_TDM_access.cmd”.

Creating & Configuring a New Project

  • While in the Design Task, run “I:\CAD_admin_files\create_new_configured_project.prg”.

NX5 Administration


  • Execute “I:\soft_dist\NX\NX5\install\Install_NX5.bat”.

Teamcenter Engineering 2007 Administration

Installation Instructions for TCE2007, NXI-5, NX5, TCII (Automated Script in process of being created)

  • Read “I:\vmw\Teamcentre -Rich Client Installation 200805.rtf”.

Teamcenter Visualization Administration

Installation for Fermilab

  • Execute “I:\soft_dist\TCVisualization\TCVis6\install\install_TCVis6.bat”.

Installation for ILC only

  • Execute “I:\soft_dist\TCVisualization\TCVis5\install\install_TCVis5_1.bat”.

Teamcenter Enterprise (DESY EDMS) Administration

For I-DEAS Users Only

  • To configure I-DEAS to use the Team Browser with the DESY EDMS database, execute “I:\soft_dist\IDEAS\i12\install\Setup_TDM_access.cmd” and select the ILC EDMS option.

For Everyone Involved With ILC (including I-DEAS users)

  • Install TC Visualization using the ILC install script described in the Teamcenter Visualization Administration section.